Auto AC Repair

The days are warming up in Texas and summer is around the corner! Get your Auto AC Repair done with Ed’s Transmission and Automotive. We are proudly located in beautiful Mansfield, TX.  

Auto AC Repair

If you are experiencing a bad smell within your vehicle this may be a sign that you need to have your air conditioner repaired. An odor when you turn on your AC could mean your system is failing. The smell is caused by mold and breathing in the mold spores is not good for your health. Over time you could begin to notice signs of health deterioration if you don’t at least get your air conditioner system inspected.  

Another sign you may be in need of an AC repair is if you notice strange noises. The sounds you don’t want to hear are banging or rattling sounds. Ed’s Transmission and Automotive will help you! You can even Schedule an Appointment with our shop online! 

Our mechanics can check to see if your air conditioning system is experiencing leaks. A leak cannot be seen by the naked eye since the refrigerant evaporates so quickly. That is why you should have a highly skilled mechanic to diagnose any type of leak.  

One of the main reasons an air conditioner may stop working may have to do with the compressor. This is the main component of your AC system in your vehicle. Without a compressor working properly your air conditioner won’t be blowing nice refreshing cold air anytime soon! 

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