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Sputtering Engine

A sputtering engine can be something as simple as a low gas tank or a serious as a damaged fuel system. If you hear a sputtering noise or any noise that sounds different from your usual engine noises such as knocking or hissing get your vehicle to Ed’s Transmission & Automotive Repair in Mansfield, TX right away.  There are many reasons for your vehicle to start making noises and in most cases, there is no cause for alarm but it is best to get it checked out to potentially fix a small problem before it gets worse. 

Reasons For A Sputtering Engine 

  • Unclean Fuel Injectors. If you haven’t had your fuel injectors cleaned recently this may be a reason for your engine not working properly. Ed’s Transmission & Automotive Repair offers complete Fuel System Service
  • A underperforming catalytic converter. When your catalytic converter starts to malfunction, this can cause a sputtering sound as well as a strong odor. If you start to notice these warning signs bring your vehicle in for an Auto Diagnostic, especially if it is accompanied by a Check Engine Light
  • Malfunctioning Exhaust Manifold. If your exhaust manifold is leaking or damaged this can cause unsafe driving conditions. If you notice a Check Engine Light with a Sputtering Engine make sure to Contact Us today for an Auto Diagnostic

Vehicle Maintenace

With most vehicles it is a good idea to take your vehicle for a Tune Up Service every 25,000 to 100,00 miles (depending on vehicle usage) unless you have an older vehicle which in that case you may need to come in more frequently between 10,00 to 12,000 miles. For more information on Tune up services check out this Article.The professionals at Ed’s Transmission &Automotive Repair in Mansfield, TX will do a complete tune-up making sure everything with your vehicle is ready for the road. If you do need any repairs you can trust that the service professionals at Ed’s Transmission & Automotive Repair will do the best job for the services you are needing which is backed by our Warranty. It is always a good idea to have your vehicle regularly maintained to make sure any small problems are repaired before they become major issues. Ed’s Transmission & Automotive Repair has the latest diagnostic equipment to make sure your vehicle is in its safest condition for you and your family. Schedule your Appointment today!

sputtering engine

When To Come In 

At Ed’s Transmission & Automotive Repair we know it can seem scary when you have any kind of light come on in the dash, especially a Check Engine Light. The best thing you can do for your car and your wallet is to Schedule An Appointment as soon as a light comes on or even when you suspect something may be wrong. You know your vehicle and if it seems to be running rough or making unusual sounds bring it by our shop in Mansfield Texas for an Auto Diagnostic to make sure there is nothing going on that could cause further damage.