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When it comes to your car you want a Transmission Shop In Mansfield you can trust! Ed’s Transmission & Automotive Repair believes in getting it right the first time. The first thing that we do is take our time to properly diagnose the problem. This can save you so much time, money, & grief, so we take our time to ensure we know what the problem is before we get started. Sometimes it is just a minor repair that is causing you a problem and can be replaced quickly and affordably. It’s important to use a reputable transmission shop that has good reviews and has been in business for a few years.Transmission Shop in Mansfield

Signs You Need Transmission Repairs:

  • Your Check Engine Light is On. Any time your check engine comes on, it important to get your car to a shop right away. Sometimes a small fix can turn into a larger one by waiting. This is not always an indicator that it’s your transmission but there’s a good chance it could be.
  • Whining or Clunking Noise. If you are hearing a clunking noise when your car is switching gears or a whining noise while driving this could mean that you need to have your transmission checked.
  • Leaking Fluids. Your vehicle should never leak any type of fluid so if you are noticing a spot on the ground where you usually park there could be a problem. If you are not sure how to check your fluids in your transmission here is a website that may help. If you aren’t sure, please stop by Ed’s Transmission & Automotive Repair today and let us help.
  • Delay in Acceleration. If you are driving a car with an automatic transmission, there shouldnt be any delay when you step on the gas. Your car should move smoothly through the gears as you accelerate.
  • Different Smell. If you smell a slight burning smell when you are driving this be transmission fluid. The fluid in your transmission is vital to your transmission and keep all the parts running smoothly.
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Ed’s Services:

Ed’s Transmission & Automotive Repair has industry certified mechanics that can help you with any issue you are having with your vehicle. Contact Us today to make an appointment for your car or to ask any questions you may have.