Tune Up Service Mansfield

Ed’s Transmission & Automotive Repair is your local place for all your vehicle repairs. If your car is in need of Tune Up Service Mansfield locals have one of the best shops around with us! We are proudly located in Mansfield, Texas and we love our community.  

Tune Up Service Mansfield

What exactly is a tune up? A tune-up is a major service that includes an oil change, replacement of an engine air filter, spark plugs and possibly some other items. The spark plugs of your car provide an electric spark to initiate combustion in your engine, so if the spark plugs are all worn out, your engine won’t run properly. Worn out spark plugs can cause misfiring, lack of power and poor fuel efficiency. Our professional mechanics will advise you honestly with what exactly your car will need for your tune up.   

 When should you get a tune up? Here are 8 signs your car may be ready for one!  

  1. Warning Lights 
  2. Stalling Vehicle
  3. Sluggish Acceleration  
  4. Shifty Becomes Rough  
  5. Bad Fuel Mileage  
  6. Hard to Start
  7. Noisy Breaks  
  8. Vibrating Vehicle  

Here at Ed’s Transmission & Auto Repair we have many services to ensure your vehicle is in tip top shape. We want to make sure that all vehicles are safe so that you can get from one place to another without any worries.  

We as Texans know all too well that the Texas heat can be miserable in a hot car. Let us make sure your Auto A/C to keeps you nice and cool his summer. Find out more about AC Repair!

Remember, if your vehicle is acting funny or making odd noises don’t wait! Contact Us as soon as possible. Waiting may cause more damage or be unsafe to continue driving the vehicle. Our professional mechanics will get you back on the road in no time!