Why is My Check Engine Light On?

Why is My Check Engine Light On?

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Oh no! Why is My Check Engine Light On? Let Ed’s Transmission and Automotive Repair help you figure out what is going on with your vehicle. One of our well-trained professional mechanics will take a look under the hood to see what the issue is. We are proudly located in Mansfield, Texas. Our shop has been family-run and in business for 40 years! We provide mechanics you can trust and rely on.

What the Light Means

The check engine light is part of your motor vehicle’s diagnostics systems. This is a computer that monitors your vehicle’s performance. In that, the computer that makes the check engine light come on generally monitors performance, fuel mixture, ignition timing, and regulating the engine speed. In newer vehicles, it also controls the shift of an automatic transmission. So, when the check engine light comes on it may be important.
The computer will light up the yellow “check engine” light when a problem is detected in the control system that cannot be corrected by the computer. The yellow warning light is there to alert the driver if anything is going wrong.

What to Do First

The first thing you want to do is check your gas cap. Sometimes if the gas cap is not placed on correctly or if it is missing this can cause your car to alert you. This is by far the easiest fix. All you have to do is make sure there is a gas cap in the proper place and the check engine light will resolve itself. However, if your check engine light remains on then it’s time to come and see Ed’s Transmission and Automotive Repair. One of our professionals will run a diagnostic to figure out what’s going on.

Once the diagnostics have detected the problem, we can get your vehicle on the schedule and get you back on the road. Click here to see 4 Reasons NOT to Panic When Your Check Engine Light Comes On.

Here are just a few services we offer:

Vehicle maintenance is important for the performance and life span of your car or truck. Be sure to let us have a look at your Auto Belts and Hoses for any cracks or deterioration. This can add a bit of life back into your vehicle! Ed’s Transmission and Automotive Repair is the place you want to go for trusted repairs and upkeep.

Here are 20 Essential Car Maintenance Tips to help you.

We like to give you the option to Contact Us or to simply Schedule Appointment online. If you choose to do things online please give a detailed description of what the issue is so that when you come in we know where to begin. You can rest easy with our many decades of experience. You will be back on the rood in no time!

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